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How To Sharpen Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management is Critical in Every Aspect of Our Lives

The digital age ushered in a new way of communicating with each other and sharing information. What is sorely lacking is any instructions on how to properly conduct and protect our selves and our business in this new digital realm. My mission, as Reputation Lady, is to help guide people through the ever-changing and continually challenging goal of maintaining safety, security, and the proper online image that everyone desires.

Your online Reputation will now affect you in ways that many did not foresee ten, five, or even just one year ago. If you think that post on any social media site such as Facebook or Twitter won’t have any impact on your future, think again.

Online Reputation for Education

Now imagine that you are a hard-working student with a single-minded focus of achieving the goal of admission into one of the most prestigious universities in America. You have done everything right, perfect grades, excellent test scores, extra-curricular actives, and everything else required to gain admission. You gleefully receive your acceptance letter and share the exciting news with all of your friends and family. And then the other shoe drops.
FORBES magazine June 5, 2017, headline stated: “Harvard Rescinds Admissions To 10 Students For Offensive Facebook Memes.”

The Admissions department has received news of private messaging groups that are full of offensive memes and comments that they deem “offensive,” and your moral character is now in question. For previously accepted but ultimately denied entrance to the university, their life’s paths changed suddenly and drastically.

Online Reputation for Financial Security

Most people that spend any time surfing the internet, understand that companies and websites are using cookies and data mining to gather information about you to sell to other companies. There are some seemingly easy ways to protect yourself while online by setting privacy settings and other measures offered by social media sites. However, many people fall prey to hackers and information gathers in ways that are not so obvious. Have you ever checked your banking information from public wifi, say at an airport, a library, or your local Starbucks? Bad idea.

Another seemingly harmless way to give away your data is through the multitude of games and quizzes that pop up all over the web. Did you put in your hometown, where you went to high school, or what was the first car you drove? Don’t those questions sound suspiciously the same as most security questions you can choose from when setting up a new account? Don’t think for a moment that someone with malicious intent isn’t gathering this information so they can access your accounts. First, they will claim they forgot the password, and since you have given them answers to your security questions, you may find yourself locked out as they spend your funds.

Online Reputation for Employment and Career Advancement

Another relatively new development in the rise of social media sites is affecting the workforce and your chance at landing that dream job. Several universities have conducted that show upwards of 80 percent of responding Human Resources Directors are utilizing social media searches to determining possible candidates for employment. In one revealing study, potential employers are not only Googling your name, but they are also checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular sites to judge your character before offering an interview. In today’s digital world, your online image has become at least as important or possibly even more than your resume.

Online Reputation for Life

By now it should be obvious that how you conduct yourself and your business online may have severe repercussions on many levels. This website and the information contained herein is meant to assist and advise anyone who may have questions or concerns regarding proper online safety, security, and just everyday online etiquette questions.
My goal is to inform, assist, and possibly entertain as I help those in need to navigate the very murky waters of all things on the internet.

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