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Facebook is a great way to promote your business, chat with likeminded people, or stay in touch with families. Great! But it does have some downsides. There are some genuine privacy concerns that you might not be aware of. Or, you might be mindful of them but are unsure what to do about it. Luckily, this article is here to help.

Here are the Reputation Lady’s top 10 Privacy Tips for Facebook:

#10 Remove your private info:

Reputation Lady suggests Remove any private information from your account. If your account bio mentions something significant about you, remove it. It can easily be found by anyone. Even if you have very scrutinous security settings on your account. All of the info you have about you on Facebook should be assumed to be public.

Cyber Security

#9 Do not link your account with your contact details:

Facebook would like you to connect all of your email addresses, social media accounts, and contact details to your account. You do NOT need to attach your phone number to your Facebook account. Facebook only wants these details so they can sell them as they have done many, many times before. Furthermore, anyone can find your contact details if they are on your account. You never know who might call you up out of the blue.

#8 Set privacy settings to the Max:

Reputation Lady says your account has inbuilt privacy settings, that can be found in the main Facebook settings tab. By setting your account privacy to the maximum settings, you will ensure that it is more difficult for people to view your account, its details, and anything you might post. More problematic, but not impossible.

facebook privacy setting

#7 Edit your public details:

On Facebook, you get given the option to choose how different pieces of information are seen. For example, you could limit viewing your timeline to everyone you are friends with, a select group of friends, or just you. You should always choose only you for maximum safety. If you want friends to see your timeline, then you will need to filter them into the list manually. Otherwise, you run the risk of what you post being seen by just about anyone. Furthermore, know that if you do allow anyone else to see your timeline, you cannot stop them from screenshotting it and posting it elsewhere.

#6 Reputation Lady says Never share your place of work:

Most people like to buff out their profile bio with information such as where they went to school or where they worked. Neither of these things should be shared with Facebook. It can lead to your employers snooping on you or even your potential employers. People lose their jobs every day for the things they post online. You never know how your boss might react to something you post.

place of work

#5 Don’t use a profile picture of your face:

Your profile picture is meant to be your face so that you can identify yourself. It helps people who are looking for you to track you down. This isn’t ideal, though, as it is giving anyone the ability to find pictures of you online. This is how fake accounts are made by stealing your profile picture and pretending to be you. It is one of the first steps of identity theft.

#4 Turn off Facial recognition:

If you have a smartphone, chances are you can log on to Facebook with facial recognition. Don’t. All you are doing is giving Facebook a high detail scan of your face. You do not want this company to have that kind of data. They have a horrendous record for selling personal data; it should be assumed they will continue to do so. As they have every time, they get caught doing it.

Biometrics concept.

#3 Don’t post pictures with Geo-Tag on:

Posting pictures or statuses with Geo-Tag is an excellent way of telling everyone where you are and when. This is used to market things to you that are regional. For example, if you post that you are in new york, Facebook will show you advertisements for items in New York. This can be seen as useful or scary, depending on your perspective. What it is inarguably, is a safety issue. Do you want someone to have the ability to sell your exact location to the highest bidder? No.

Geo Tag Pin With Prohibition Sign - Privacy Tips for Facebook

#2 Remove associate websites:

Facebook associates with many websites and apps. That’s why so many things let you login through Facebook. This is great for convenience, but it now means Facebook has access to all the data you create when logging in this way. You should avoid logging in this way in the future; more importantly, though, you should remove these associate websites from your account. This can be found in the Apps and Websites tab in your browser settings.

#1 Don’t post anything you wouldn’t like everyone to know:

Never post anything that you would be unhappy with someone else seeing. Whether that is something you wouldn’t want your boss to see or a future employer, your parents, a potential spouse. Nothing is private. Facebook has even been caught accessing people’s messages in the app, so don’t send anything there that you would rather keep secret. Chances are they are not looking through your information, but they could. That’s what matters.

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